Elke dec2014

Elli Timm, born on March 18th in Frankfurt / Germany. Elli is not only the owner of Beauty Nails. - With over 20 years experience in Naildesign, Hand and Naturalnailcare as well as chiropody (with additional qualifications for treatment of diabetics) and as a certified cosmetician she is also an active Member of the team. Registered in the Who-is-who of the Federal Republic of Germany. ( and Member of the Association of Naildesigners in Germany.)
Add. languages: English, Spanish - Add qualifications: Cosmetology, Foot Reflexology, Sugaring

Michaeladec2014Michaela Jäger, born on March 04th in Darmstadt / Germany has been part of the team since opening day in Walldorf in September 1997.

Michaela has been working as a Nailtech / Chiropodist since 1994 (with additional qualifications for treatment of diabetics).

Add qualifications: Foot Reflexology, Sugaring
Add. language: English

Xenia Stepanenko

Xenia Stepanenko, born on January 27th in Stavropol/Russland. Xenia is a certified cosmetician and chiropodist and completed her training in 2013. Xenia joined our team in October 2013. Add qualifications: Foot Reflexology, Naildesign, natural Hand- and Nailcare, Sugaring.
Add language: Russian


Maria-Tamara Eigl, born June 13. Tamara is a certified nail-designer and chiropodist and rejoined our team in June 2017.

Mariella Lorino - Our Permanent Make up Stylist.